The SCIPIO (Semi-complex intelligent programmable I/O) is a bluetooth-enabled sensor board that is used in rapid prototyping of wearable interaction and context detection hardware. With its bluetooth interface, it can easily be coupled to mobile devices such as phones, PDAs, notebooks and wearable computers. For using the device in a number of R&D projects, a small-series production of wearable interaction devices has been started. So far, there are two pre-designed interaction devices available, both equipped with an accelleration sensor for gesture and activity recognition and an RFID reader for localisation and context detection.

More information on the devices and projects using them can be found in the Wearlab Wiki and on the homepage of the Wearable Computing Research group . Information on technology transfer and industry project activity can be found on the TZI WearLab homepage.

Under Construction

The WInspectGlove is an interaction device for inspection tasks supported by wearable computing.


The GestureBand is an interaction device for wearable computing where visible interaction hardware would not be accepted by users.


Support Software

Example software for the SCIPIO devices can be found here.

Our development version of the c-based open-source linux software is available at our opensource server site Auriga (Project Winspect2)