WearIA ‘15 pre-anouncement

This year, we will organize the fourth workshop on Wearable AR Systems for Industrial applications at ISWC’15 and Ubicomp ‘15 in Osaka/Japan. The date of the workshop will be Monday, September 7th, before the main conference.

Watch this space for the Call for Papers.

Christian Bürgy and Holger Kenn

WearIA ‘14

We are pleased to announce that on this year’s ISWC and Ubicomp conferences, we will organize the third workshop in the workshop series Wearable Systems for Industrial Augmented Reality Applications. We will publish the call for papers and further information on how to participate here soon.

Call for Papers can be found here.

Christian Bürgy and Holger Kenn

2013 Workshop recap

Now with the year 2013 drawing to a close, it is time for Christian Bürgy and myself to recap our workshop and plan for the next year.

The 2013 workshop had many interesting presentation and great active participation from many members of the community. The workshop papers have been published in the ISWC/Ubicomp workshop proceedings and I am going to publish some of the workshop presentations here.

Bernard Kress from Google presented his work on optical combiners for wearable displays: Bernhard Kress – WearIA13

Andreas Fauerbach from Motorola Solutions presented the Motorola HC1 wearable. Motorola Solutions – HC1 Headset Computer Presentation – WearIA13

If other authors want me to publish their presentations here, please send me a pdf file.

Holger Kenn




2013 preliminary program

Here is the preliminary program of the Workshop on Sept., 9th:

8:00 Registration

9:00 Session 1:

Welcome by workshop organizers

Presentation of submitted short papers:

1. Tim Verbellen, Bart Dhoedt, Ghent University and Pieter Simoens, Ghent University College: “Towards a Component-Based Platform for Industrial AR”

2. Matthias Berning, Till Riedel, Michael Beigl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Takuro Yonezawa, Jin Nakazawa, Hide Tokuda, Keio University: “pARnorama: 360 Degree Interactive Video for Augmented Reality Prototyping”

3. Markus Ehrmann, Munich University of Applied Sciences: “Evaluating Customer Expectance of Mixed Reality Applications in Order Picking”

4. Bernard Kress, Google and Meimei Shin, Nanoptron: “Diffractive and holographic optics as optical combiners in Head Mounted Displays”

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Session 2:

Presentation of submitted short papers (cont.):

5. Christian Buergy, Mannheim Cooperative State University and Joerg Seitz, teXXmo: “The Bumpy Road of Bringing Wearable Augmented Reality Systems to Market”

Keynote by Andreas Fauerbach, Motorola: “Introduction and demo of Motorola HC1”

Demo by Bernard Kress: “Demonstration of Google Glass”

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Session 3:

Discussion of R&D roadmap

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Session 4:

Hands-on Session:
– Demo & test of wearable solutions by WS participants – Outlook & Wrap-up


Wearable AR Systems for Industrial Applications: workshop at UBICOMP 2013 / ISWC 2013


The second workshop on wearable systems for industrial augmented realtiy applications will take place in conjunction with Ubicomp 2013 and ISWC 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland on September, 9th 2013.
!!! Please note the change of date – Workshop will be held on Sept. 9th (Monday) !!!

Here is a direct link to the Call for Papers (pdf).

The organizers
(Christian Bürgy and Holger Kenn)