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~# apt-get install hello

~# hello -n

? Hello, World! ?

About two months ago, I switched jobs. In my last job, I worked as an applied researcher and software development engineer at ATL Europe, an applied Microsoft lab that is part of Microsoft Research.

So here I am, working for Developer and Platform evangelism at Microsoft Germany. I’ll focus on a couple of things that I’ve been dealing with in the past, these are

  • Windows Azure
  • Open Source Software, especially Linux on Azure and
  • the “Internet of Things”.

I’ll record my findings in this blog, both from my own experiences and from my work with partners. I’ll blog whenever I learn something that I think will help others.

But please remember: I’m writing these posts at a particular point in time. Hardware, Software, Services and Devices all evolve over time and what may be true at the time of writing may be different at the time you read this.



ps: you can find my old personal blog and some info about myself on cubeos.org


Source: msdn

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