Wearable Computing - Vorlesung im Wintersemester 2005/2006

Dr. Holger Kenn
Hendrik Witt
Tom Nicolai

V 2 SWS Mo von 13:00 - 15:00 ECO5 1.51
Ü 2 SWS Do von 10:00 - 12:00 ECO5 1.51


Test question for the oral exams can be found here

Die Vorlesung beginnt am 24.10.2005
Die Übungen beginnen am 3.11.2005


Problem Sheets

Submission guidelines:

The submission of problem sheets has to be done by e-mail to hwitt@tzi.de with the following subject: [Lecture Wearable Computing] Problem Sheet No.{number}
If problems require the implementation of software, it has to be submitted along with the problem sheet containing documented source code, compiled binaries, and 2 small scripts (for Windows and Linux) to run the application.