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During ISWC, i was quite busy, so the updates to the blog have been somewhat delayed, but here’s a small report.

  • We demonstrated the HotWire-Setup for evaluation of wearable applications with realworld tasks. Many people were interested in the concept so we may release some form of “construction kit” soon.
  • We showed our Gesture Glove with the gesture recognition running on a qbic. The recognition worked fine but the WUI running on the qbic is somewhat slow as the CPU is not really fast enough to run a java VM.
  • Burcu Cinaz and Eric Düselder of the Peng project presented a paper in the student colloquium that was well received.
  • And many of the participants joined a lively discussion in the business meeting. The remarks were collected and will be taken into account for planning future ISWCs.

Interesting papers from our perspective were

  • A Construction Kit for Electronic Textiles (Leah Buechley) (won best paper award)
  • Discovering Characteristic Actions from On-Body Sensor Data (David Minnen, Thad Starner, Irfan Essa and Charles Isbell)


  • FingerMouse – Architecture of an ASIC-based Mobile Stereovision Smart Camera (P. de la Hamette and G. Tröster)
  • Practical Context Awareness for GSM Cell Phones (Ian Anderson and Henk Muller)

And I had an interesting discussion with Gábor Blaskó on his input system, I was wondering under which conditions it would improve the usability of a wearable application.

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