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Raspberry Pi for sailboats

A friend of mine recently bought a sailboat. Now, before you think that this is going to be a bragging post with loads of pictures of people sipping champagne, sorry to disappoint you. The boat is already about 10 years … Continue reading

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HeadSLAM buzz

We received a bit of publicity around our HeadSLAM presentation at Pervasive and ISWC. There’s a good short article on the new scientist website here. Collin Barras, the author of that article had a few extra questions on our work … Continue reading

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ISWC 2008

I am currently at ISWC. The conference is a bit smaller this year, but the quality of the papers is very good. After two excelent keynotes by Raj Reddy and Marcel Just, the conference program started yesterday morning Burcu Cinaz … Continue reading

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Event update

Meanwhile, the third event I am co-organizing is about to close its submission, my workshop at the “Mensch und Computer” conference in Lübeck on September 8th, 2008.

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Microsoft EMIC

Beginning October 1st 2007, I will be working at Microsoft EMIC in Aachen, Germany. I will be mainly working on embedded systems. I will continue to maintain CubeOS. H.

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SSRR and Rescue Camp 2007

I’m currently visiting the SSRR 2007 workshop. We had quite a time here in Rome. Together with Alexander Kleiner and Christian Dornhege, I was showing a demonstration of RFID SLAM-based cooperative pedestrian indoor localization. I collected quite some pedestrian data … Continue reading

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Mensch und Computer 2007 in Weimar

At the moment, I’m attending Mensch und Computer 2007. The invited talk of this morning was very nice, altough it was given via Skype as the speaker, Adrian David Cheok fell ill and was not allowed to travel. The talk … Continue reading

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Arrested for library access

A while ago, on August 1st, scientist Andrej H. has been arrested. His subject is political science, his research topic is urbanization. According to his former Ph.D advisor, Andrej H. calls himself a marxist. The Public Attorney’s Office calls him … Continue reading

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Ingrid Rügge’s Ph.D defense

This week, Ingrid Rügge defended her Ph.D entitled “Einsatzpotenziale, Nutzungsprobleme und  Lösungsansätze mobil tragbarer Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien”. Being a member of her Thesis Committee, I was very impressed with the broadness of her work and she gave one of the … Continue reading

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IUB Robotics going down…

…underwater. The name of their robot is really cool. And it’s yet another robot with a RoboCube inside.

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