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Raspberry Pi for sailboats

A friend of mine recently bought a sailboat. Now, before you think that this is going to be a bragging post with loads of pictures of people sipping champagne, sorry to disappoint you. The boat is already about 10 years … Continue reading

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Next Train to Bremen Central

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Nanotechnology at the local grocery store

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Expo2000 Robots revived

A couple of months ago, I received one of the Robots of the Expo2000 project by BBM and the ZKM. With the help of Heinz Huber from Fraunhofer IML, we were able to revive it. Andreas Kemnade installed an updated … Continue reading

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Mensch und Computer 2006, Monday

This week, I’m at the Mensch und Computer Conference. It’s taking place at the Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen. An interesting presentation yesterday came from Daniel Michelis who presented the urban installation magical mirrors in Berlin.

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Updating my thinkpad…

I tried to update my thinkpad because of this bug. And while doing so, I wondered if the .cab I downloaded actually installed properly. So I chose to updat the AccessIBM software to the newest version to automatically upgrade all … Continue reading

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