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Raspberry Pi for sailboats

A friend of mine recently bought a sailboat. Now, before you think that this is going to be a bragging post with loads of pictures of people sipping champagne, sorry to disappoint you. The boat is already about 10 years … Continue reading

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Mensch und Computer 2007 in Weimar

At the moment, I’m attending Mensch und Computer 2007. The invited talk of this morning was very nice, altough it was given via Skype as the speaker, Adrian David Cheok fell ill and was not allowed to travel. The talk … Continue reading

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How to install a SSL certificate on a GSM Phone

For some time now, I had a problem using the IMAP e-mail client with my own mailhost. When using unencrypted POP3 or IMAP4, everything was fine, but when I tried to use SSL to protect my password, the phone refused … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Robocup Rescue Software released

Nils released our MobileResQ software today. It consists of a java-based mobile phone client (should work on all MIDP2.0 / CLDC1.0 phones with Bluetooth and JSR82 Java bluetooth interface) and a java-based server that can run on any java-enabled internet … Continue reading

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