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Building GPTs and their data sources

A while ago, I started using ChatGPT and played around with building the usual prompt-based GPTs, so I have built bots with various personalities. My first attempt in building a data-driven GPT is the WeatherMaster which is just using the … Continue reading

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On large language models, GPT, ChatGPT and their public perception…

Disclaimer: If you have checked my homepage, you know that I work for Microsoft. And part of what I work on are the Azure AI services that include the Azure OpenAI service. So here we are, April 12th, 2023, a … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi for sailboats

A friend of mine recently bought a sailboat. Now, before you think that this is going to be a bragging post with loads of pictures of people sipping champagne, sorry to disappoint you. The boat is already about 10 years … Continue reading

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Upgrading my Medion akoya E1232T with an SSD.

For a while now, I’ve been using this little clamshell as my private traveling machine, I was dragging it along as far as Japan and in general, it never let me down. Granted, the battery lifetime isn’t great, the shrunk … Continue reading

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My MSDN Blog posts are now here as well

Since I’m waiting for my work machine to install the newest insider build of Windows 10, I decided to polish the old blog a bit. So I decided to add a plugin to my blog that will pull the posts … Continue reading

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Goodbye Facebook

So finally, after being on Facebook for, well as long as Facebook existed, I decided to deactivate my account today. I still remember the time when you actually needed an .edu or otherwise academic e-mail address to register, that must … Continue reading

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Setting up VPN with Surface and Home Server 2011

Happy new year 2013! It seems I am posting in ever-increasing intervals, so the next blog post should be coming in January 2017 if the pattern continues. Anyway, I received my Surface just before Christmas, and it’s an amazing device. … Continue reading

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Microsoft fixing your PC…

Now I’m working for this company for about three years and I still discover new things I wish I would have found a long time ago. If you’re the typical PC end user that is frustrated by your PCs behavior … Continue reading

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HeadSLAM buzz

We received a bit of publicity around our HeadSLAM presentation at Pervasive and ISWC. There’s a good short article on the new scientist website here. Collin Barras, the author of that article had a few extra questions on our work … Continue reading

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ISWC 2008

I am currently at ISWC. The conference is a bit smaller this year, but the quality of the papers is very good. After two excelent keynotes by Raj Reddy and Marcel Just, the conference program started yesterday morning Burcu Cinaz … Continue reading

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