Mensch und Computer 2006 – Tuesday after lunch

Todays invited talk was by Matthias Rauterberg from University of Eindhoven , he reported on a new project in which he tries to create the western equivalent on the ZENetic computer which is called ALICE. As ZENetic tries to demonstrate the essences of the “eastern”, i.e., buddhist culture, ALICE uses “Alice in Wonderland” to illustrate the “western” ideas of time (the rabbit), space (the rabbit hole), logic reasoning on space and time (the Cheshire Cat dialogue) and so on…
A member of the Group of Peter Forbig from Universität Rostock reported on a model-driven development system for PDA applications. They have modified eclipse to contain a CTT-like editor to generate an xml task description.

Christian Ressel from Fraunhofer IMS was presenting an adaptive user interface for home automation. It creates UIs based on the user and the environment.

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