Mensch und Computer 2006, Tuesday Sessions

Today, I will be presenting our WInspect Glove in the poster session.

Irma Lindt from the Fraunhofer FIT is presenting a pervasive game called “epidemic menace“. This is part of an EU integrated project called Iperg

The game has stationary and mobile players equiped with different game devices, cell phones, PDAs and an AR System. Localization is based on GPS, communication based on WLAN. Game Balancing is changed by an interactive operator interface during play in order to keep the game going.

Some results on Hand-Eye Coordination in an industrial application of AR were presented by Milda Park from RWTH Aachen. The system has been developed by the BMBF TEREBES project on AR-assisted welding. The device looks very much like the one designed by iid in Bremen, as also mentioned by Prof. Rahe in his IFAWC talk. The AR system seems to be based on the ARToolkit, the markers used in the examples look very familiar. The results were that hand-eye-coordination is affected by using the AR system and that a higher framerate improves hand-eye-coordination. Due to technical limitations, only 16fps and 20fps have been used for the experiments. Significant influences were welders vs. non-welders and AR vs. non-AR. For welders, non-AR task performance were 51% more accurate than AR task performance. For non-welders it was 56%. Framerate difference was not significant. Signal delay was not measured and thus not analyzed.

André Melzer from IMIS at Uni Lübeck is presenting TAPE-Player, an interactive radio drama environment. It allows to play, i.e., speak a role in a radio drama and influence the play.

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